Concepts presented at SEIP conferences are 5 -10 years ahead! PFAS and its implications on the industry were discussed at the 2018 SEIP Conference!  This is the only conference to give you this industry insight and business advantage in Environmental Insurance!

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TOPICS And Presenters of 2024

Sequestering Sequestration
Michael Gill, Partner, Synapse

IBA Hall of Famers: What we learned wrong and right and the future of success or repeat mistakes?! 
Ken Berger, President, Berkley Environmental |
David Dybdahl, CEO, ARMR Holdings |
Joe Boren, Senior Consultant, Synapse

From PLL to GL/SPL/PL/CPL/TPL: The Evolution of Environmental Coverages 
Brad Maurer JD, Underwriting Manager, Starr Companies

Field of claims: Will artificial turf be the next source of PFAs’ claims?
Sandra Gaurin, VP of client services and technical support, VERTEX
Brian Margolies, Partner, Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan LLP

Key Developments and Emerging Trends In Environmental Insurance Coverage Law
John DeLasico, Partner, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

Environmental and Casualty insurance: The future of combined form underwriting
David Orleans, Vice President Sales Consultant, Alliant

Environmental State of Mind: Redevelopment Trends in Environmental Insurance
Austin Connell, Senior Production Underwriter, Great American Insurance Group – Environmental Division
Scott Tardif- Senior Production Underwriter, Great American Insurance Group – Environmental Division

Carbon sequestration: options for a low-carbon future 
Max Horn, Site Pollution Product Line Manager, Liberty Mutual

More to come! 


Society of Young Environmental Insurance Professionals (SYEIP) BREAKOUT TRACK:

Designed with a focus on newcomers into the field, this track provides a unique opportunity to glean insights into the technical intricacies from a diverse set of stakeholders.

Bridging the knowledge gap – getting everyone on the same road heading in the same direction
Tanya Andolsen, President, Argosy Risk Specialists

How to Create Value as an Emerging Environmental Professional 

Understanding the Science Behind Environmental Pollution

Environmental Site Remediation: Common environmental remediation solutions

Helping to Predict the Future of Contamination and Remediation

Emerging Contaminants



This conference brings the insurance industry’s leading experts together in one place to share best practices, technology, and experiences, all with the single goal of expanding the sale of environmental insurance as a risk financing tool. 



Brokers, Agents, Carriers, Loss Adjusters, Consultants, Engineers, Legal Advisors, Risk Managers, Investors, Reinsurers, Regulatory Professionals, Investors, Financiers, and more! 


This specially curated track is tailor-made for individuals at all experience levels, ranging from decision-makers shaping the industry to newcomers eager to dive into the environmental insurance business.

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  • Non-Profit 501 c.3
  • Expanding the use of Environmental insurance through Education! 


SEIP resonates with the idea of fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the environmental insurance industry.

While not about divulging trade secrets, it emphasizes a cooperative approach where industry players can benefit from each other’s experiences and insights.

By sharing knowledge and strategies, the collective goal is to enhance the utilization of environmental insurance. This collaborative effort aims to strengthen the industry as a whole, ensuring that practitioners, regardless of their experience levels, can contribute to expanding the reach and impact of environmental insurance.

Together, the industry can address challenges, navigate complexities, and work towards common objectives, much like teams in a game, aiming for success in their shared goal.