SEIP 2018: Expanding The Market Agenda

June 18th – 20th, 2018 | Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco CA

Monday, June 18th

6:00pm – 8:00 pm

Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Courtyard

Welcome Reception

Please join us for complimentary beer, wine, and appetizers to start our 3rd SEIP conference!  

Tuesday, June 19th

4:00pm – 5:00pm

Tony Cañas | Chief Motivational Officer –

Insuring Tomorrow!

Engaging and Retaining Millennials in the Insurance Industry!


Marcell Ricciardelli
Senior Vice President Allied World Assurance

EIL Risks Impacting the North American Insurance Business



Sara Brothers
Great American Insurance Group

2018 Emerging Trends in Environmental Insurance

This session provides an overview of emerging trends in environmental insurance underwriting and claims from the carrier’s  perspective. Issues to be presented will be emerging contaminants, water-borne pathogens – including Legionella, EPA initiatives and changes under the new administration, new state rules, and requirements.


Peter Mintzer & Liz Brockman
Partners at Selman Breitman LP

Environmental Damage Claims Drivers and Insurance Coverage Issues

This session will focus on current and emerging regulatory, claims and coverage issues arising from feedlots, stockyards and large-scale agricultural operations.


Miki Mitsunari 
FINEV, Inc | President and Chairman

The Current Environmental Insurance Market and Sales Opportunities in Japan

Pioneering brownfield development with environmental insurance tools


Rebecca Gitig
Aspen Insurance| Senior Vice President, Environmental Lines

Helping Insurance Applicants Through the Underwriting Process

How producers can help to achieve a lower underwriting “Tax” on customers. Why do underwriters ask the questions they do. Ideas to streamline the underwriting process.


Greg Schilz
JLT Specialty USA | Senior Vice President

Constructing Environmental Insurance Solutions


Chip D’Angelo
WCD Group| Founder & CEO

Analytics, Probability, and Accuracy

Current Process & Procedures for Risk Engineering & Environmental Due Diligence.


Brad Maurer
American Risk Management Resources Network

Sales Techniques in Mergers & Acquisitions


Sarah Stronger
Carver Darden Koretzky Tessier Finn Blossman & Areaux LLC

Why Pollution Buy-Backs in CGL Policies Don’t Work

False hopes and promises, the road to illusory coverage.


Howard Wolf
HW3 & Standards Chairman of the IICRC

Minimizing Loss Costs From Mold and Bacteria in Commercial Buildings

Bacteria Claims are rapidly becoming the primary source of claims activities under environmental policies.


David Dybdahl | Sheila Mulrennan 

President of ARMR.Netwokr, LLC | Owner Insurance Archeology Group

Panel: Legal Trends in Environmental Insurance

The future of the Environmental Insurance Market


Wholesale Insurance Brokers Round Table

A wholesale brokers perspective on the barriers in the market and recommended solutions to expanding the education and use.


Kenn Anderson| AON Senior Account Executive

Recommended Solutions to Client Acceptance of the Environmental Insurance Product Line


W. Kent Muhlbauer, P.E., Managing Partner

Solving the Problem of Insuring Pipelines


Miles Holden| Partner Hanson Bridgett LLP

Environmental Insurance Case Law

Every line of insurance experiences difference in opinion on what is covered and what is not. This presentation looks at the contemporary coverage litigation in the environmental insurance business.


More Sessions To Be Announced


Keith Moskowitz| DENTONS

Environmental Insurance Claims Panel

Our claims panel will address the hot topics in Pollution Insurance coverage as well as relevant case laws and technical trends applicable to the industry.


Impact of Climate Change on Global Climate Finance


Lending: How Environmental Risks in Play into Decision Making