Certified Environmental Insurance Professional Exceptional Producer Training

Hosted at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf 
When: Monday June 18th, 2018 1:00pm – 5:00pm | Embarcadero Ballroom

The CEIP producer training is the first for the CEIP designation courses to better educate environmental insurance brokers and agents. Learn the sales techniques and strategies to be an exceptional producer!

Who Should Attend? 

This class is for all experience levels to significantly accelerate the validation period for new insurance producers and enhance the production efficiency of experienced insurance producers.




Course Objectives

Dedicated to your Success

Since 1999, SEIP has been focused on helping its members and insurance community, by creating courses and conferences that provide educational tools to professionals of all skill levels to be successful in the environmental risk management and insurance field!

We believe the more knowledge you have, the more your clients are going to be receptive to everything you have to offer. 


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Taught by One of The Industry’s Best:

David Dybdahl, CPCU, ARM, MBA is uniquely qualified as the instructor for the class. Past achievements include:

  • Top 1% production results as a retail insurance producer in the 3rd largest brokerage firm in America.
  • Chief Knowledge Officer of an international insurance brokerage operation.
  • Lead the insurance product development efforts of a 7,000 employee brokerage firm.
  • Founder of ARMR.Net a wholesale brokerage operation that organically grows 25%-40% per year.
  • Two producers utilizing the concepts taught in this class won the Best Producers in America competition 2 years out of college.


Grow Your Knowledge the Right Way

This is not a CE class this is about building exceptional insurance producers!

This course will teach you new business production concepts and strategies used to create two of the top 10 insurance producers, two of the top specialty brokers, and the Best Wholesale Specialized Practice- Environmental in the United States. Concepts can be applied to the day to day activities of every commercial insurance producer. This is not a course based on theory. These are all proven concepts developed through 30 years as an insurance broker in the commercial insurance sales trenches.

Learn the trade secrets of New Business Development in this close learning setting from someone who is actually in the trenches. This course is not about theory or developing selling skills!  This is about efficiently producing new business! This class is designed for all experience levels to significantly accelerate the validation period for new insurance producers and enhance the production efficiency of experienced insurance producers!


  • Learn the sales techniques and strategies that were used to win more national sales awards than any Brokerage Firm in the insurance business.

  • Learn how to increase closing ratios by 300% by following a 4 step sales process

  • Learn to use leveraged marketing platforms to expand the prospect base.

  • These sales strategies can be used with any type of insurance coverage


Registration Includes Workshop Training Materials and access to evening SEIP Welcome Reception for the SEIP 2018: Expanding The Market http://seipro.org/seip2018/


June 18th, 2018

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Welcome Reception After The Class! 

 Monday, June 18th

6:00pm – 8:00 pm

Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Courtyard

Welcome Reception

Please join us for complimentary beer, wine, and appetizers to start our 3rd SEIP conference!  

SEIP 2018: Expanding The Market

This conference brings the insurance industry leading experts together in one place to share best practices and experiences, all with the single goal of expanding the sale of environmental insurance products.

Hosted at the: Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf